Introduction to my Website

Welcome. I am Juan-Fernando Duque-Osorio, I was born on Jul-11-1974 and I live in Puente Alto del Vergel, Ibagué, Tolima-Colombia. My education includes a Master of Science with publications in cell biology, embryology, paleontology, neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, etc. This, and being a recovered bipolar (I've been euthymic for several years), has made me a teacher and consultant who lectures on various topics, including psychoeducation for other patients. As a result of my work experience, I also provide academic services such as the translation and editing of documents, including the systematization of citations and bibliography with EndNote, as you can see in my portfolio of services. Contact me and we could arrange a free chat. Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Note: More pages of this website will be translated to English in the future.

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