This is Juan who you met at

Welcome to my website. I am Juan-Fernando who you met at I hope we keep in contact. Kisses. 😍💓💖💋

Juan-Fernando Duque-Osorio. MSc
Master in Biomedical Sciences
Professional Biologist-Zoologist

You can contact me in any of the following emails in the language that you prefer. You may write in the alphabet of your country and I'll translate your message. We won't have communication problems:

Ви можете зв’язатися зі мною за допомогою будь-якої з наведених нижче електронних листів на бажаній мові. Ви можете писати алфавітом своєї країни, і я переведу ваше повідомлення. У нас не буде проблем зі спілкуванням:

Telephone (Cellular) Voice and WhatsApp


First of all, I want to tell you that I hope you are safe with respect to the unjustified and brutal attack of Putin against of Ukraine. The free world (western = free countries where I am inviting to live with me in) are backing up your country. You can learn more about where I live in the following links:

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